Dewi Fortuna Being away from Madrid

Dewi Fortuna Being away from Madrid

Dewi Fortuna Being away from Madrid

Madrid – Three shots of the goalposts and the penalty that failed to be the highlight performances of Real Madrid in the first half against Valencia. ISCO also called Madrid was overcome misfortune.

Host Valencia at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday (10/05/2015) pm dawn, Madrid already behind 0-2 in the first round. Two goals for the visitors was created by Paco Alcacer and Javi Fuego.

Madrid is not without opposition in the first round. They got a number of opportunities, but countered by the goalposts. At least three attempts Madrid who failed to enter because of contact with the pole.

Gareth Bale free kick in the 13th minute hit the crossbar. Five minutes later, turn header from Cristiano Ronaldo pass on a corner kick that hit the crossbar. In the 39th minute, Javier Hernandez shot hit the goalpost.

At the end of the first half, Madrid had a golden opportunity to attenuate dropping after a penalty awarded. But Ronaldo execution could be thwarted by Diego Alves.

Madrid rose in the second half. Pepe opened the scoring for Madrid in the 55th minute. Six minutes before the game was over, Isco scored to make the score equally strong. The goals are to boost the spirit of Madrid, but until the fight was over and no additional goals are created.

“We could not do much more. Bumping goalposts three times, the penalty that failed, the attitude of the team in the second half …,” said Isco commented on his team’s performance as quoted by the official website Madrid.

“What happened to us does not often happen in football. We had a lot of bad luck but Madrid had to fight until the end,”

“We performed well in the second half to reverse underdevelopment 0-2. We can do it but Diego Alves was outstanding. It was a step back and unfortunately these goals does not produce three points,” he said.

With the addition of one point, Madrid failed to keep a distance with Barcelona at the top of the standings. Los Blancos are sitting in second place with 86 points are now four points behind Barca.