Viewers deserted and clubs Troubled, Singapore League Threatened Dismissed

Viewers deserted and clubs Troubled, Singapore League Threatened Dismissed

Viewers deserted and clubs Troubled, Singapore League Threatened Dismissed

Singapore – thorny issue is being hit football Singapore when Singapore League (S-League) threatened dissolved because of financial problems participating clubs and declining enthusiasm of the audience.

It was said by representatives of 10 S-League club that meets at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Monday, as quoted by the Straits Times. The club owner complained about the quality of the growing competition down from season to season.

This season alone there are only 10 clubs who follow the league after initially there were 12 participants. One club disbanded due to funding issues and the other two merged, where the 10 remaining continue to receive subsidies of 800 thousand Singapore dollars per season.

This condition also makes a number of clubs and operator competition sponsors bring trouble. Naturally, if the club officials then asked one of the options is the league disbanded.

In addition, they also criticized the Football Federation of Singapore (FAS) to prioritize Lions XII, contains team player option under the age of 23 years, who played in the Super League and the planned establishment of the ASEAN Malaysia Super League next season.

The owner has been unable to get the best players of Singapore, because the players are prioritized defending Lions XII or The Young Lions – Singapore U-23 which also follows the S. League.

Singapore will also get a share of the two teams in the Super League ASEAN planned rolling next year.

“Even our national team coach once said that he could no longer watch the S. League matches. So, we ask the FAS that there must be a change,” said a club owner was quoted as saying Reutes.

“We are tired of always looking for sponsors and persuade fans, while FAS only concentrate on the Super League Lions XII and Asean,” he continued.

The owner of the club concerned that the presence of these two clubs will seize the best players in the League of Singapore, which the average number of viewers slipped to number 500 in some games this season.

Football fans in the country has turned away from the local football. Meanwhile, the Singapore national team mired in the rankings to the FIFA 162, or their worst ratings in history, after failing to defend the title last 2014 AFF Cup.

The audience then prefer to watch English Premier League to meet the need for quality football matches.

“The League of Thailand and Malaysia increased, while standard small countries such as Guam and Cambodia closer to us,” said one other club owners did not want his name mentioned.

“If it can not push us to shout for a change, so I do not know what else could do it.”