Rodgers: Liverpool Need Striker Top

Rodgers: Liverpool Need Striker Top

Rodgers: Liverpool Need Striker Top

Liverpool – Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers does not cover kekecewan on the productivity of his team this season. He also asserts that the first-class attacker will try to be recruited in the summer.

Last season Liverpool managed to make 101 goals with a combination of Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez yielded 52 goals to help ‘The Red’ finish in the top two Premier League standings.

However, Suarez’s departure to Barcelona in the summer and then a huge impact on the productivity of Liverpool. Sturridge, Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert, and Fabio Borini made a total of just eight Premier League goals between them. Overall the new Anfield Gank made 47 goals in the event so far.

“I need a striker who can play at the highest level every week. Simple, we need to make a goal threat bigger,” Rodgers said as quoted by Reuters.

“We have not scored enough this year. If it continues, our goal will be reduced by 60 compared to last year. It was a huge amount.”

“This year we have been very lost (sharpness it) and of course this contributes to the result. In the summer we will try to find the (printer) goals again,” he said.

Sturridge this season much disturbed a number of injuries. Rodgers said he still can not play and was not sure whether the 25-year-old England striker will be able to play again this season.

“He has been mostly absent this season so we will examine the situation. We have to hope that this year Daniel was just not lucky with the season and he can come back super-fit and super-strong because he has exceptional talent. You can not deny it. With his talent he could be as good as any striker in the world, “said Rodgers.