Poll: Netizens Hope Affairs Firmly in PSSI

Poll: Netizens Hope Affairs Firmly in PSSI

Poll: Netizens Hope Affairs Firmly in PSSI

Jakarta – Indonesian Football again presents a polemic between the government and the PSSI. An online poll shows that the public expect Affairs Imam Narawi take a firm policy.

Group Discussion and Study of Public Opinion (Shop COFFEE) since Wednesday, April 8th, 2015, made a poll on their site, www.uneg2politik.com, with the question, “for the sake of Indonesian football achievements, what should be done by the Minister of Youth as a representative of the government?”

As a result, most of the netizens chose for the government to create a policy that “fierce”, ie freeze PSSI without fear of sanction FIFA. Of 1,022 netted voice until Monday (13/4) at 00.00 pm, which chose this option as 776 or 75.93% vote.

The second largest selection (168 vote – 16.44%) is that Menpora form a new organization to replace the PSSI. Only 7.14% of netizens who asked the government not to intervene and keep trust football at PSSI. While the rest (0.55%) claim not to know.

“From the results of our analysis are twofold. First, the public no longer believe in PSSI today. Second, the public seems to have much hope for our football better and eventually handed it over to the government, in this case Affairs,” said a spokeswoman for the KedaiKOPI Also observers and political communication from the University of Paramadina, Hendri Satrio (satriohendri), Monday (04/13/2015).

“This attitude reflects a sense of frustration in the community because our football so-so on, laden with problems such as player salaries are not paid clubs, the issue of match fixing, the mafia, the team never accomplished, and last, ranking in the bottom of East Timor. They may know what sanctions can be imposed FIFA, but they chose to ignore it because they no longer believe in the PSSI. ”

KedaiKOPI specialized study through an online poll to solicit public opinion netizens against government policies. Previous poll is about the cause of the soaring price of rice, the performance of the ministers, the issue of remission for corruption, as well as a cabinet reshuffle Jokowi discourse.