Already 19 degree Champion, Guardiola Will Not Stop

Already 19 degree Champion, Guardiola Will Not Stop

Already 19 degree Champion, Guardiola Will Not Stop

Munich – With the success of becoming champions Bayern Munich Bundesliga this season, Pep Guardiola has collected 19 championship trophies throughout his career as a manager. Of course, Guardiola has not intend to stop there.

During his four years as coach of Barcelona, ​​Guardiola successfully deliver 14 championship trophy. After resting for a year, he went to Germany for the worker Bayern. With Bayern, Guardiola has won five trophies in two seasons.

Guardiola, who decided to rest a year after Barca failed to retain the La Liga title, claimed that the decision rested backed on mental fatigue due to the amount of pressure.

He chose to pull over in New York with his wife and children while studying German five hours a day. Once re-train, Guardiola has fresh –dan already fluent in German.

In his first season with Bayern, Guardiola successfully won the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal. Beyond that, he brought Bayern won the European Super Cup and Club World Cup trophy –meski last two is also a contribution of Jupp Heynckes, who guided Bayern won the Champions League in 2013.

Heynckes successfully brought Bayern won the treble, before finally retreated and advanced Guardiola became his successor. Guardiola also had dependents to repeat its predecessor’s success.

Guardiola himself once said that for the team of Bayern, success is meaningless if not treble.

“I know what this club. To win the Bundesliga and domestic tournaments alone is not enough. Just treble that can be considered a success by clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern,” he said.

Therefore, having clinched the weekend, Bayern are not used to throw a party. They must prepare themselves to face Borussia Dortmund in the semifinals of the DFB-Pokal middle of this week.

Guardiola himself said he did not witness the match between Borussia Moenchengladbach and VfL Wolfsburg Wolfsburg Beloved to Her Lover which eventually defeated and determine Bayern came out as champions. Guardiola chose to study Dortmund.

“I’d rather watch the match Borussia Dortmund. It would be more helpful because we will face them in the DFB-Pokal,” said Guardiola.

DFB-Pokal addition, Guardiola and Barcelona Bayern also awaited in the semi-finals of the Champions League. It will be the first time Guardiola returned to Camp Nou as the opponent.