Torres So kind of ‘Talisman’ Atletico

Torres So kind of ‘Talisman’ Atletico

Torres So kind of 'Talisman' Atletico

Madrid – Achievement Fernando Torres with Atletico Madrid in the league still fairly mediocre. However, who would have thought Torres so “fetish” Atletico in the Champions League knock-out phase.

Outside the frenetic return to the Vicente Calderon, with more than thousands of fans greeted him at the stadium, there is nothing remarkable achievement of Torres with Atletico so far.

Than 15 times a game with a red-white costumes, new Torres contributed three goals. All three goals were also created in the Copa del Rey –bukan La Liga–, a competition in which Atletico has been eliminated.

Highlights so far is the best Torres when he scored two goals against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Round of 16 at the Santiago Bernabeu. Two goals that make Madrid Torres, who previously lost 0-2 in the first leg, the more difficult to pursue Atletico.

But, Torres is Torres. Not Torres name if not steal the show. Since joining Chelsea, until then AC Milan, ketumpulannya in front of goal is often used as the derision of opposing fans. However, Torres may smile to one or two things which he possesses.

Take for example the achievement of a relatively classy trophy. With Chelsea, Torres had won the FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League. Outside the achievement at the club level, he also won the World Cup and European Cup –dua kali– Spanish national team.

Already then, Torres is still time-sempatnya be winning the Golden Boot at Euro 2012, the title of which would be obtained by fertile players throughout the tournament. A year later, he won the same trophy at the Confederations Cup. The two titles seemed to be the answer to blunt banter directed at him.

In 2012, while still costumed Chelsea, Torres became pemasti step the West London club to the Champions League final in 2012. His goal for Barcelona goal towards the end of the match at the Camp Nou to make Chelsea locked the ticket to the top of the party.

In essence, Torres did not appear extraordinary in recent years. However, that does not mean he’s very, very ugly. When Atletico deadlocked, the coach, Diego Simeone, turned to him to be the ice breaker. As if, Torres is a talisman.

It occurs when Atletico face Bayer Leverkusen in the second leg of the Champions League knock-out phase, Wednesday (18/3) pm dawn. In state 1-0, Atletico need additional goals to qualify. At that time, both teams equally strong aggregate 1-1.

Torres entered in the 83rd minute to replace Mario Mandzukic. The latter was able to get a minor injury in the first round so that the performance is so not optimal. Throughout the game, not even once Mandzukic generate attempts or attempts on target.

Torres continued to play until the game round of penalty kicks. In fact, she went into one of the executioners Atletico. Notes better than Mandzukic: 37 minutes played, Torres incised 2 attempts (one on target).

As the fifth kicker Atletico, Torres perform their duties properly. He took Atletico 3-2 in the round of penalty kicks. Inevitably, Stefan Kiessling, as executioner fifth Leverkusen, must succeed.

When kick bounced Kiessling, all members of the team Atletico cheered. They escaped. Beyond the failure Kiessling, Torres come to be determining.

“Night-night at this stadium is a special night. And the night as worthy to be remembered,” Torres said after the game.

“Spirit we show, the spirit of this team, is the spirit that I have recognized since I was little. I’m very happy for the supporters, they deserve to get something like this,” said Torres.