Time to retreat, Rudi Garcia?

Time to retreat, Rudi Garcia?

Time to retreat, Rudi Garcia?

Jakarta – From choked become worse. Instead of rising, the performance of AS Roma actually more dip. Spotlight leads to the allenatore, Rudi Garcia.

If you look at the Serie A this time, at first glance there is nothing wrong with the position of Rome. Francesco Totti et al. still at the top with a second rank.

However, the difference in numbers with Juventus so great. Had clung, Rome are now separated by 14 points from the top standings.

Widening the difference in points with Juve was an error Rome itself. They failed to maintain the pace, especially after the new year. After the turn of the year, Roma only won twice from 11 matches in Serie A. Eight draw –masing rest of the four are beruntun– and the latter in the form of defeat.

The defeat of Sampdoria followed by a crushing 0-3 defeat of Fiorentina in the second leg of the Europa League last 16, Friday (20/03/2015) pm dawn. The defeat was further added to the pressure on Garcia.

Garcia is considered to be the figure most responsible for the trend of Rome in free fall today. Not only rigid tactics, the Frenchman failing to lift the team mentally while in difficult times.

Speaking of tactics, Garcia since the beginning of using the 4-3-3 scheme. However, unlike last season which was a success, the formation currently justrtu looks outdated if you view the results of the harvest.

Serie A clubs like’ve found the formula to dampen Rome. The Giallorossi will be very difficult to face teams that survive very deep.

But it does not respond Garcia to change tactics. The former coach of Lille was still persisted with his 4-3-3 scheme. Garcia also often late substitution, a ‘habit’ that make Roma fans exasperated.

Rigid tactics, Garcia was rarely given the opportunity to young players. Though they were once relegated to offer ‘refresher’ current major players impasse or performing below standard.

Take for example Daniele Verde which directly contributed two assists while diving debut in the match against Cagliari. In that game anyway, Leandro Paredes –gelandang aged 20 years, said his first goal for Roma. It was the last time Roma wins in its last 10 games in Serie A.

Beyond the matter of tactics, the problem also exists on the mental Rome. A series of negative results make the players confidence plummeted. Significantly, they seemed takyakin in yourself to netted ball into the goal. Only six goals created from the last nine matches in all competitions.

However, although the issue has been going on for some time, there was no sign of improvement of Garcia. Roma still face the same difficulties.

Now with no more trophies won –scudetto may no longer realistic targets although mathematically not tertutup– second position of a fixed price that must be maintained by Garcia. Moreover, Lazio, Napoli, Fiorentina and even already lurking underneath.

Garcia did still have time to restore Rome to the track. But if he was not able to and tickets for the Champions League out of hand, it’s time Garcia resigned.