Failed Madrid wins because Inefficient

Failed Madrid wins because Inefficient

Failed Madrid wins because Inefficient

Madrid – Real Madrid dominate the game at home to Villarreal at the Santiago Bernabeu on Monday (03/02/2015) pm dawn. If the host failed to win, it’s because they do not efficiently take advantage of opportunities.

Thus criticism Carlo Ancelotti on the players after the match finished with a score of 1-1. Madrid called the coach undergo less okay first half, while in the second half bad in finishing.

Note ESPNFC game show Madrid releasing 24 shots throughout the 90 minutes, but of that number only seven that led to the goal. Glories goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo make an effort Madrid to make goals become more difficult.

“In the first half, we were very bad rhythm. We made a lot of crossing due to the movement of the ball is minimal,” said Ancelotti at Reuters.

“Rhythm changed in the second half, but we were not efficient with the opportunity we have. We did not have luck with our efforts to score. We had 24 shots and only seven that leads to the target,” said Ancelotti.

Ronaldo a release 13 shots in the game, but only scored one goal and that too from the spot. Opta noted that 17 shots off target in a match with Villarreal is the largest in La Liga this season.

A draw with Villarreal makes Madrid failed to keep more distance with Barcelona. With El Clasico is now only less than four weeks, both teams within two numbers.