Sterling Still Must Fix Settlement Finally

Sterling Still Must Fix Settlement Finally

Sterling Still Must Fix Settlement Finally

Liverpool – Luis Suarez After leave, Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling makes a mainstay on the front lines. But, Sterling admitted settlement ultimately not enough okay.

Sterling, which originally operated in the wings, is shifted into a central striker in a 3-4-3 formation by manager Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers did it because at that time Daniel Sturridge were injured, while the other strikers such as Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert, and Fabio Borini less sharp.

In his new position, Sterling performed quite well. The 20-year-old until now has amassed ten goals in all competitions this season. He also became the top scorer while Liverpool with Steven Gerrard.

With a very young age, Sterling hope the quality of the game could continue to rise. One PR magnitude is about finishing in front of goal.

“I am very critical of myself and always looking for what I can fix. At this time, it is my final settlement, and no one else who had to tell me,” said Sterling Mirror quoted.

“When I had a chance to practice, I practice. Exercise does not have to be a practice long-distance shots. But, there are five balls on my left side and five on the ball of my right hand, then I will finish in the penalty box. In every opportunity I had, I tried to clean up, “he added.

Liverpool is going through a positive trend in recent times. The Reds only once lost, it was through the extension of time, in the last 17 matches in all competitions. Their position in the Premier League was slowly approaching the big four zones.

Emerging Liverpool appearances lately can not be separated from Sterling major role in their attack line.

“If I do not score goals, I have to give assists to a goal or have a great effect in the game. I’m working on it,” said Sterling.

“Yes, I’ve scored 10 goals. But, I think I was less hard on myself. I could easily get 15 goals if I maximize the half only chance I get and be a little more relaxed,” he continued.

“I’m trying to fix it every day, in order to become a better finisher,” he said.