Medium On Fire, Messi will be rested

Medium On Fire, Messi will be rested

Medium On Fire, Messi will be rested

Barcelona – Lionel Messi is in an impressive appearance. Therefore, Luis Enrique will not rest him, at least in the near future.

Messi appearance on the pitch is at its hottest. Once backed up in the match against Real Sociedad, the Argentine star implies a significant contribution to the Blaugrana.

The importance of the role indicated by Messi made it almost never is reserved by Enrique in the last few games. Barca last 11 games in all competitions, Messi always appear be a starter in 10 games in between.

The most actual, Messi back down in the first minute when Barca host Levante at Camp Nou on Monday (16/02/2015) pm dawn. In the game, Enrique made eight changes to the composition of the players when compared with the game on the Copa del Rey against Villarreal. But Messi to be one that is not affected by the rotation.

In that game, Messi recorded a hat-trick and contributed assists for Neymar goal. In total, Messi has contributed 14 goals and seven assists in his last 10 appearances.

Enrique realized the important role Messi for Barca. Therefore, he was not going to rest players.

“I’m not going to rest him while he was greatly enjoying himself,” said Enrique was quoted as saying the US.

“When we played against teams in the last meeting, we had to open the space and take advantage of opportunities quickly. Ability Leo to do it is key for us, he knows how to solve our problems,” he added.